Initial minimum configuration to start using TapStyle in the real salon

In the app, some "Demo Data" (Stylist, Service Menu, Bookings..) are pre-registered in order to try and have a look at the basic functions without hassle at the first time you download the application from Android Market and start it up.

After playing around with TapStyle using those demo data, what set up steps are required at least to start utilizing TapStyle in your real hair salon?

1. Setting up the business hours

Navigate to [Setting] > [Schedule / Booking ] and specify the opening hours and fixed close date.
(Ex. Opening 10:00-17:00, Closing on Monday)
This setting will have impact on the time-line display on the schedule screen.

2. Hide/Delete demo datas

Navigate to [Setting] > [Reset] , then,,,
  • Press [Erase All Data} to delete all the data registered in the app
  • Press [Remove Demo Data] to hide demo data only (The data will remain, it wil be just invisible)


3. Register real salon data

After in-activate/delete demo datas. It's time to register real salon data like stylists, service menus,,etc.

Navigate to [Setting] > [Stylists] to register real stylists.
The input fields are the name and the fixed day-off day of the week (except the one registered in step 1 as salon's closing day).

Navigate to [Setting] > [Service Menu] to register your salon's real service menus.
The input fields are name of service, targetted gender, price, etc.

4. Register goods data (Option)

If you sell goods (ex, shampoo, treatment,,etc.) in your salon and plan to manage the related data (POS, stock) with TapStyle, you need to register goods data to sell.

Navigate to [Setting] > [Goods] to register goods datas including goods name, stock number, price, etc. If you will use the bar-code to sell and manage the stock of the goods, please download and install bar-code application ("Zxing Barcode Scanner") in advance.

5. Configure Tax Rate

Navigate to [Setting] > [Tax Rate] and set the current tax rate and whetner or not the displayed prices in the app includes the tax or ont.


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