How to setup “Online Booking” ?

You can setup the online booking site for your client to be able to make a booking online. This article explains how to set up and use it.


  • Prerequisite
    • v2.5.9 or later for Android
    • v1.5.5 or later for iOS
    • Paid license

  • Overview
    The figure below shows the over view of the Online Booking feature.

    You will setup your online booking site from the app, then if customer making a booking, your app will get the notification and you can register it to the app's schedule. Easy!


Setup you salon’s online booking page

  1. Navigate to Setting > Online Booking

  2. Define your salon’s online booking web URL where your customer will access to.
    The URL will be[your choice of the URL path].
    For example
  3. Set the salon’s name, email, tel number to display on your booking page.
  4. Press “Create New Page” button to create your salon’s booking page online.

    Now customer can access to your salon’t online site via brower. The site is supporting both PC and mobile phones. You can access to the page from the “Review” button.



  • How to accept the customer’s online booking request?

    1. Once your client makes a booking via your online booking site, your app will get a notification like below.

    2. Simply tap the notification,
      OR navigate to Setting > Online Booking and select one of the booking request from the “Booking Request List”.   
    3. It will navigate you to “Custome Search” screen with the data customer input in the online booking web site (name, tel, etc.). Select the existing customer OR register new customer for the booking.

    4. Then It will navigate you to “Booking / Appointment” screen with the information of selected customer, service menu, and stylist on the requested date/time.
    5. Save it to finalise to convert the online booking request to the booking appointment in the app.

      Generally, it is good idea to send the confirmation message at this point. The ‘Confirmation Message’ feature can be set up at Setting > Booking / Schedule > Confirmation Message.

    6. The booking via online booking will have “Airplane” icon on the schedule.

  • Q&A
    • Is it possible to receive the online booking notification on multiple devices?

      Yes, it's possible, please follow the steps below.

      1. Enter the registered URL and press “Connect existing page”
      2. The PIN number will be sent to your device which already registered for the URL
      3. Enter the PIN number to the device which you used in step 1.
      4. The new device will be connected to the specified URL

    • How to update the stylist (groomer/nail tech) name, service menus and opening hours on your online booking site?

      Press “Master Data Upload” button to upload the new data.
      The data is referring to the data which is set in Setting > ‘Stylist (Groomer, Nailist)’ , ’Service Menu’ and ‘Schedule/Booking >Business Hours’.

    • Is the customer data submission in online booking site secure?

      The data will be submitted via SSL (Secure Socket Layer), then it will simply be transferred to your device and we’ll NOT keep the data in hour servers.

    • How to change the URL?

      Enter the desired URL and press “Create New Page” again. The new page will be setup on the specified URL and the old page will be deleted. The old URL can be taken by another app user.

    • Is it possible to use my own web domain?

      Yes and No, you can’t change the online booking URL but you should able to forward to it from your own website. Please contact your web administrator.
      (Ex. forwarding to

    • Is it possible to upload the own logo to the online booking site?

      Currently it's not possible.

    • Is it possible to copy the schedule of the TapStyle (/Nail/Groom) app to the online booking site to block the reservation?

      Currently it's not possible.

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