How to sell / redeem gift voucher ?

1. Registering Gift Voucher Master Data

Home > Setting > Master Data > Gift Voucher and register Gift Voucher data to sell. The registered data will be appeared on the Gift Voucher List in the "Checkout".



2. Selling Gift Voucher to the customer


a. Navigate to Home > Checkout > Items To Checkout and select "Gift Voucher".

The registered Gift Vouchers will be listed, then select one of them to sell.



b. After the payment, the "Gift Voucher Information will be poped up". Please notify those information by for example writing down to the phisical paper gift voucher card to pass to the customer.



3. Redeeming Gift Voucher by the customer

a. Home > Checkout then select the "Service" or "Goods" to pay. 

b. In the pop-up payment dialog, select "Redeem"



c. The gift vouchers which are owned by the Payer will be automatically listed.

   (If not listed, please enter the voucher ID and tap "Search")

d Enter the value to redeem on the payment

(if the customer wants to use multiple gift voucher on one payment, repeat b-d as necessary).



e. Confirm the balance adjustment on the Payment dialog, and select OK.



4. View the sold/redeemed Gift Voucher


You can check the sold Gift Vouchers from 2 features.


a) From Accounting

Home > Accounting > Gift Voucher Review will list all the Gift Voucher informations sold in specific term.


b) From "Customer"

Home > Customer > search one of the customer, then select "Gift Voucher" tab, will list all the Gift Voucher information which the specific customer purchased in the past.



5. Review the Gift Voucher from Accouting perspective

In the Accounting section, you can review how much of sales is redeemed by gift voucher and how much is the real cash flow.


Payment Review


Profit Review


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