Synchronize data across multiple devices

You can install the TapStyle app on multiple devices and synchronize the data among them with NO additional licenses.



  • Subscription license (1 license can be shared with multiple devices).
  • Dropbox account (
  • Same date/time among devices

Data sync between Android and iPad is NOT supported. Only Android <-> Android and iPad <--> iPad is supported.



Set Up

  1. Make sure devices have same date/time (Android's setting > Date & Time).
  2. Home > Setting > Data Sync
  3. Enable the "Multi Device Data Sync"
  4. Link Dropbox Account (if you have set it up for online backup, app will detect it and use the same account).


Data synchronize (Upload and Download)


- Uploading the data from a tablet. Then download the data from a phone to synchronize the data with the tablet.



  1. Home > Setting >Data Sync
  2. Make sure your local data is newer than the data stored online (or nothing saved in online).

  3. Press "UPLOAD" button.
  4. Now the data of the tablet is on online and available for the other devices.



  1. Open home screen
  2. If new data is available online, "Sync Icon" will be displayed on top right.

  3. Pressing it will navigate you to data sync setting screen,
  4. You'll see newer data is available on online.

  5. Press "DOWNLOAD" to synchronize.
  6. Now the phone has the latest data (same as the online data).


Automatic Upload


In above scenario, you needed to upload the data manually, but you can make it automatic.


How to setup

  1. Home > Setting > Data Sync
  2. Enable "Auto data upload" and select the interval.

    So if you enable it with 5 minutes interval, the data on the device will be upload to online every five minutes and other devices can always get the latest datas.



!!! WARNINGS !!!


- Potential Data Loss


The downloading the data will overwrite your existing data, so please be careful what state of data is uploaded to online, otherwise you may loose all your data.

Here is the example you can loose all your data.


Tablet -- Have full of customer,booking data and add/edit data in day time.

Phone -- Newly install the TapStyle app at night.


If you manually upload the data by pressing "UPLOAD" button or set up the "Auto data upload" on Phone, the phone's almost empty data will be uploaded to online and it will be available to download for the tablet as a newer data.


Then if you download the data from tablet at this point,,,, you will lose all the data on tablet.


So basic simple rule is DO NOT UPLOAD (or set up "Auto Upload") if the device's data is not the latest.



- Potential data fee

Especially when setting the "Auto data upload", upload/download data amount will increase. So if you are not on free wifi, your network provider may charge some fee for the data communication.

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