How to display TapStyle's schedule on Google Calendar ?

The schedule on the TapStyle can be mirrored on Google Calendar, that way you can access the schedule of the salon from any PC or mobile via internet. 

For example, following situaion :

 Main google account in the tablet :
 Stylist : 'Patricia (DEMO)'

1. Setting calendar for stylist in the Google Calendar

1-1. Access to Google Calendar from browser.
Access tp Google Calendar with tablet's main account (  using browser. 
( )

1-2 Create a calendar for the stylist
Click the triangle arrow next to 'My calendars' > 'Create new calendar'

Enter 'Patricia (DEMO)' in the 'Calendar Name' in the next screen' > Press 'Create Calendar'

Check the calendar named 'Patricia (DEMO)' is created in the my calendar list.



2. Check the Google Calendar in the tablet.

2-1 Check the synchronize setting
Navigate to setting in the right bottom icon of the tablet (Not the 'Setting' in TapStyle) > "Accounts & Sync" to check the synchronization for Calendar of is ON.


2-2 Check the Google Calendar Application
Launch the 'Calendar Application' in the tablet and double check the calendar which is added in the browser ('Patricia (DEMO)' in this case) exists. If it's not there, select 'Refresh' in the menu at upper right.

3. Setting in the TapStyle

3-1. Confirm the stylist name
This is very important. The name of the Google Calendar must be matching with the stylist name in TapStyle.
In this case the stylist whose name is 'Patricia (DEMO)' must have been registered. The stylist can be add/edit from 'Setting' > 'Stylist'.
3-2. Enable the "Schedule Copy" feature
Navigate to 'Setting' > 'Schedule/Booking' and enable the 'Copy schedule to Google calendar'.

Then it's all done. Let's check if the schedule is copied to the Google Calendar so that you can access to the schedule from mobile, PC via internet.

4. Final Check 

4-1 Create an appointment
Create am appointment for stylist 'Patricia (DEMO)', by swiping the time-line in the schedule and double tapping the selected time.

4-2 Access to Google Calendar from mobile or PC
Now you can see the registered service appointment on the Google Calendar.
(There may be small time lug by the time the schedule is synchronized. Please just wait for a short while in that case.)


If multiple stylists are registered in the TapStyle and some or all of them want to access the schedule via internet, please create the calendars for the each stylists in step 1-2 above. Then select the 'Share this Calendar' in the pop-up menu when click the arrow icon next to the calendar name (which is each stylist's name) to make those calendars visible from other google calendar account.

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