How to integrate with credit card reader ? [Square]

You can integrate TapStyle (and TapNail, TapGroom, TapPOS, TapBiz) app with the credit card reader and seamlessly make the credit card payments from “Checkout” screen on TapStyle.

Currently we support [PayPal Here] , [ Square ], and [ SumUp ] for the card processing. In this article we explain how to integrate the app with [ Square ].

Please see this article for the [PayPal Here] integration, this article for the [ SumUp ] integration.
Setup Square here account
  1. Create Square account (
  2. Get Card Reader (
  3. Install Square app and launch and login to it in advance
    (Android :
     iOS : )
Setup TapStyle application
  1. Navigate to “Setting” > “Payment Method” > “Card Reader Integration” section
  2. Select the “Square” segment switch
  3. Select the transaction currency
  4. Select one of the “Payment Method” which you want to use the card reader with (It maybe VISA/Master, Amex, etc…) to edit
  5. Enable the “Use Card Reader” switch for the selected “Payment Method” then press “Save”
  6. Confirm the selected payment type has a credit card icon in the list.
Now you are ready to process the customer’s credit card while checkout from TapStyle app
  1. Select whatever you would like to checkout (Goods, Service, Gift Voucher) and fill necessary information (Discount, quantity, etc).
  2. Press “Payment Button”
  3. Select the “Payment Type” which you set as “Use Card Reader” (in “Setting” > “Payment Method” screen).
  4. You’ll see “Card Reader” button appears on the screen, press it.
  5. Square Register app will be launched with the charge amount you have entered in the TapStyle’s checkout
  6. Make sure the card reader device is connected ( or you can enter the customer’s card detail manually).
  7. Swipe the card and or read the Chip using the card reader.
  8. Give the phone/tablet to the customer so the customer can sign or input the PIN then hands back it.
  9. The payment is processed (between Square payment gateway and your device) and confirmation is displayed, press the check mark on the screen to finish
  10. The result is back to the TapStyle app. Confirm the transaction was completed and press OK.
  11. You may want to send receipt to the customer as usual and finish the checkout process.
So,  the steps 1-4 and 10-11 are done on TapStyle app, and 5-9 is done on Square Register app.TapStyle app just passes the charge amount to the Square Register app, and Square Register app processes the payment and back the result to the TapStyle app.

All the payment process is done within Square Register app, and TapStyle doesn’t view or save any customer's credit card data, means the card information is very secure. 
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