How to track No-Show appointment ?

No-Show (The customer who made booking but not coming to salon at last without a cancell call) is always a pain in the neck for the salon business.

In TapStyle, you can track the No-Show customer in someways.

What's No-Show in TapStyle?

Firstly the definition of "No-Show" in the TapStyle software is :
"Past Booking without Service Record"

When one booking's end time is past (let's say customer has booked 1/Aug/2012, 13:00-14:00, the n time after 1/Aug/2012 14:01), if the service record (where you can take client photo) is not saved, it becomes No-Show.

You don't need to take photos, but once you save the "Service Record" it's no longer "No-Show" record.

How can I track the No-Show?

1. By customer
When you see customer's detail (ex, Customer > Search > select one customer), you can see the list of customer's booking and service record in 3 categories. 
 a) Comming Booking
 b) Service Record
 c) No Service Record (or No-Show)

The bookings listed in the C) is No-Show, once you save the service record, the record will move to b).

2. Statistics data
When you open "Statistics" and select "Custome Visit" from the toggle button and "No-Show" from Stylist 

list (Always at the bottom of the stylist list). Then you can see the number of No-Show customer as data and as graph. 


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