How to show the Google Calendar event on the Schedule?

In the TapStyle schedule, you can display (overlay) the event/schedule on the Google Calendar. (Android only)

It is very convenient feature as you can consider your (or other stylist's) personal schedule together with when making an customer appointment.

The left bottom of the TapStyle schedule screen, if you tick the "Display Google Calendar Event" check box, the google calendar events will be displayed as gray colored cells on the schedule.

The criteria of the schedule in the Google Calendar to be shown on the TapStyle's schedule is followings:


  • The name of the calendar is same as the stylist name shown on TapStyle schedule.


  • The name of the calendar is not registered as the stylist names in TapStyle.

This may sound bit confusing,,, but actually very simple, please see the examples below.

-  Stylist

[James] and [Linda] is registered in TapStyle as stylist.

-  Google Calendar

In the Google Calendar, 3 calendar as registered as followings:

A. (Main calendar from google account)
B. [James] (Additional calendar)
C. [Linda] (Additional calendar)

In this case, in the schedule screen, if you choose [James] from stylist drop down combo box to show James' several days schedule, then tick the "Show Google Calendar Event" checkbox, then,,,

Events on the calendar
  B[James] (condition 1) and A [] (Condition2)
will be displayed on the TapStyle's schedule.

If switching the stylist from [James] to [Linda] in the schedule,

Events on the calendar
 C [Linda] (condition 1) and A [] (Condition2)
will be displayed on the TapStyle's schedule.

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