How to put general appointment, meeting, etc. on schedule ?

On the schedule you can register "General appointment" in schedule other than usual service appointment (like Cut, Color,,etc.).  This is called "General Appointment" in TayStyle system. The "General appointment" could be anything, for example,  meetings, outgo, lunch, etc. 

Also, this feature is very handy to show the temporary leave (annual leave, sick leave etc) of the stylist. (In addition to you can register periodic regular day-off of the stylist (like off on Monday) in "Setting" > "Stylist").

The way to create a "General Appointment" is very similar to create a usual "Service  Appointment".

  1. Press "Create new booking" button in scheduel and place the displayed blank red booking cell to the time you want to make the "General Appointment".
  2. Double tap the red cell.
  3. "Booking" screen will appear
  4. At the top of the pop-up screen, there are two tabs of "Booking" and "General", then select "General".(The default selection is "Booking")
  5. Input the appointment details, then "Save"

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