How to make booking / appointment without specifying stylist ?

If your salon has multiple stylists, often you must need to make a booking without specifying the stylist, for example first booking for the new customer.

TapStyle has a booking function called "Non-Named Booking" for the case stylist is not fixed at the time of the reservation, 

Navigate to "Setting" on the top menu screen > "Schedule/Booking Setting", then in the displayed some schedule/booking related settings, you will find the field "Non-Named booking" followed by the check box labeled "Enabled". If you tick the tick box, the "Non-Named booking" feature will be enabled.

Once this feature is enabled.In the schedule screen, at the end of the each stylist's one day schedule lists, additional day schedule labeled "Non-Named" will be added. Then you can make appointment without specifying the actual stylist on this day schedule.

Also, when you tap the stylist selection combo box at the menus on the left pane of the schedule screen, you will find "Non-Named" item is added in the list. If you select the ""Non-Named", 1 to 7 days of the non-named bookings will be displayed in the same way as when you select one specific stylist.

At last, when you register the service record after the service, the stylist must be specified at that time. Stylist can not remain in "Non-named". Please tap the "Edit" button in the booking screen, then change the stylist to the actual stylist from "Non-Named".

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