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iPad / Android app for hair salon, hairdresser



Schedule, Booking, Customer Management, POS, Marketing, Statistics, Accounting, Business Analysis,,, Everything needed for salon business is packaged in one app.

Low Cost

TapStyle is Free to download and use. The full license is $14 per month. No setup fee. No lock-up term.

Intuitive Operation

Drag and drop to edit the booking, Swipe to navigate between the pages, the easy intuitive operation makes you to utilise the app from the day one.

Photo Record

Service records are saved with photos using embedded camera. It will make better communication on the style consultation with the clients.

Data Protect

The data is stored in the tablet securely and will be automatically backed up on the cloud storage.

Internet Access

Salon schedule is accessible from external mobile, PC, etc. You'll be free from always taking the tablet with you.

Complete POS

By integrating with a credit card reader and/or receipt printer, your mobile device can have a full POS features.

Sync Multi Devices

The data can be shared across multiple devices without additional license. So you can use the app on your tablet and phone with single license.

Fully Customizable

All the fields are fully customizable to fit your business. We have owners from various salons like nail, beauty, pet grooming, tanning in addition to hair salon.

Main Features

Schedule / Booking

  • Drag and drop style intuitive operation
  • Managing multiple stylists
  • Handling overwrapped booking
  • Managing general events (e.g. "Meeting")in addition to service bookings

Customer Management

  • Showing photos to date as gallery
  • Previous/coming booking list
  • Purchased goods history
  • Easy & fast customer search

Service Record

  • 3 angle photos using camera on device
  • Hand-writing image memo
  • Detailed information logging (e.g. Colour info)

POS (Point Of Sales)

  • All the payment/checkout related operation.
  • Managing discount/tips
  • Goods sales and inventory management
  • Gift voucher management (issue/sell/redeem)
  • Credit Card Reader integration to accept customer's payment
  • Issuing the receipt (Printer/Email/SMS)
  • <

Hair Catalogue

  • Creating original hair catalogue
  • Search catalogue photos by tagged information
  • Easy zoom in/out
  • Drag & Drop sorting

Marketing / Statistics

  • Marketing
    • Sending reminder email/SMS for the booked customer
    • Filtering customers with preset conditions to send the targeted direct mail
  • Statistics
    • Visualising the transition or distribution of sales, customer visits, etc.
    • Real time data analysis (sales ranking, customer visit interval, no-show rate, etc.)


  • Payment list
  • Expense management
  • Profit/Loss calculation
  • Gift voucher management
  • Tax/Tip summary
  • CSV data export

Supplement Features

  • Automated cloud data backup

  • Schedule access from external devices

  • Receipt issue (printer / e-mail / SMS)

  • Flexible tax rate

  • Goods / Inventory management using bar-code

  • Mass data loading (customer data, goods data)

  • Data synchronization across multiple devices


Start for FREE

TapStyle is FREE of charge to download and use. Unless explicitly you purchase the license in TapStyle app, you will NOT be charged.

Full License

By purchasing the full license, all the feature will be enabled and you can store unlimited data.

$14 / month
  • No setup fee
  • No lock up term
  • Only one license required for multiple user
  • Available in many currencies
  • Payment via in-app purchase


Help & FAQ

TapStyle Help / FAQ


About Us

TapStyle Technologies is located in Sydney Australia and providing quality software for mobile and web. We consists of IT professional, experienced marketer/designer and manager of one of the most popular hair salon in Sydney.